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Gut, Bugs & Skin

Tuesday, Jan 6th  



Bacteria. Sometimes we need to clear them out, and sometimes we need to build them up. 

Today 4 healthcare professionals will be chilling in the space, dishing out the dirt on bacteria and its impact on mood, children and immune systems. Come chill with us.

Dr. Ayla Wilson, ND - PANDA-S, Paleo & Proper Antibiotic Use

Dr. Courtney ("Coco") Butler, DMD - Mouth bacteria - the good, the bad and the ugly, Healthy Gums & Fluoride at the Dentist

Natasha Ryz, B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD (cand) - Feeding the microbiome, Leaky Gut & "Skinflammation"

Ganive Bhinder, B.Sc., PhD (cand)  - Crohn's & Colitis, Antibiotics & Immune Function

434 Columbia Street, (Pender & Columbia); Admission is free


Simplicity Living

Wednesday, Jan 7th  11:30-4:30pm


Food. Home. Work. Money.

Spend some time picking the brains of four simplicity mavens:

11:30-4:30 Dr. Carmen Tanaka, B.Ed, ND, Systems Thinker - Rhythm, Homespace & Relationship

11:30-4:30 Dr. Carla Cupido, B.Kin, DC, Health Educator - Values, Purpose & Vision

11:30-2 Kristen Buckley, B.BA, M.A, Corporate Coach - Priorities, Transition & Balance

2-4:30 Brenda St. Louis, RMT, Money Coach - Neurophysiology of Money. Let's get Metafiscal!

434 Columbia Street, (Pender & Columbia); Admission is free


Sleep & Pain

Thursday, Jan 8th  11:30-4:30pm


Catching zzzzz's and managing aches is what today is all about. It affects you more than you could even imagine. 

Come chat with the team. They'll blow your mind with the facts in their noggins.

Dr. Angéle Besner, B.Sc, ND - The Sleeping Brain

Vivien Hsiung, R.Ac - A Chinese Medicine perspective on Pain Management & Chronic Injury

Dale Nault, RRT - Snoring. Breathing. Teeth grinding. All the fun stuff.

434 Columbia Street (Pender & Columbia); Admission is free



Sex, Gender & Fertility

Friday, Jan 9th  11:30-4:30pm


Let's talk about sex, baby. 

There are questions & answers floating around in the ether about sex, and we rarely get a chance to talk about them in a non-intimidating environment.

Today's the day to come down and ask. It's a safe, quiet space to chat with people who talk about this all the time.

11:30-4:30 Dr. Alana Shaw, ND - Makin' Babies - All about fertility factors

11:30-1 John Ogrodniczuk, PhD - Men + Health. How men access healthcare. Men-tal Health.

1-4:30 Lauren Goldman, B.ScN, RN(c) - Contraception & Sexual Health, Trans & Gender Diverse access to care.

2-4:30 Zena Sharman, PhD  - What is Gender, and Why Does It Matter to Your Health?

434 Columbia Street, (Pender & Columbia); Admission is free


Family, Food & Fascia

Saturday, Jan 10th  10:00 -3:00pm


All the things that matter. Meals. Vaccinations. The rarely acknowledged "downs" of parenting. Feeling less tension in your body. It's endless really. 

Dr. Thara Vayali, ND -  New papa's survival guide, a look into post-partum mental health & thoughts on vaccination. 

Gerry Kasten, M.Sc, RD - Feeding the Family in the Vancouver landscape

Sean Lymworth, RMT - Biomechanics, Alignment, Breath & Stretch. Simple knowledge tools for easy leverage points for decreasing pain and increasing wellness.

434 Columbia Street (Columbia & Pender); Admission is free



Last Call

Sunday, Jan 11th  1-5pm


It's a wrap. We will be open and you might want to join us. No theme. Last call for questions and connections. 

434 Columbia Street (Columbia & Pender); Admission is free



Wait, there was more.

ONE 5-day guided cleanse.  Evenings events & speakers.  And {cozy} a winter feast hosted by My Edible Advice.

Profits from attendance to these events were designated for the Vancouver Women's Health Collective.

Helping women help themselves.